Ballerina is about the restrictive way women are treated and about the delusion that being physically attractive is fulfilling.  Using a jewellery box as metaphor, along with musical and literary references, the song is spoken in the voice of an ignorant other.



Turning coolly

In the box when

It’s opened


Ever pending




Why you angry?

Frowning’s ugly.

Calm down

Calm down


Peaceful slumber

’Til they wake you

Up to twirl

Then shut the locks


By the worries

Of the world

Outside your box


Sleeping beauty

What a joy!

A thoughtless mind

Like a cloudless sky.


Little Sky Lark,

Beauty bound.

You’ve caught the eye,

Your chance to fly.


Please behave.

No one wants

To hear you cry.


Confrontation won’t win





Grace Banks makes music with sensitivity, stripped of posturing or pretension.  With a unique writing style that takes in influences including Elliott Smith and Leonard Cohen, her lyrics find a dark and ethereal poetry in life.  Few artists manage to so effortlessly synchronise their vocal style with their subject matter, yet there is a strength beneath the apparent delicacy of Grace’s voice that speaks to the cracks and hairline fractures that run through all of us.  It is in those half-worlds that her songs exist, understanding the darkness and the light in equal measure.

Grace has toured across Europe, the U.S. and South America, releasing self-recorded EPs and road testing her material with a truly creative DIY spirit that has gained her a wide and loyal fanbase.

Artwork by Georgia Flowers




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