98 Wounds Photo Series: PART 1

Hello, happy Femmuary!
98 Wounds (myself and Neil Anderson) are taking it in turns, 7 days at a time each, to show you just how rich in women the music scene actually is. This still surprises a lot of people! I (we!) love watching live music and LOVE being photographers, so for the next 28 days we have selected some photos of these women reprezentin’!!
Paz Lenchantin

1. Paz Lenchantin

I thought I’d start with a personal hero – I first saw Paz playing bass in A Perfect Circle video. In the bass gap in the song, she takes a break to tie her really long hair up – I was transfixed! After playing with Billy Corgan’s band Zwan, I was lucky enough to see her play last year with both The Pixies and The Entrance Band – being kickass in both bands

Pink Lizards
2. Pink Lizards
Based in Brighton, I first saw Pink Lizards support Bad For Lazarus, who Daisy ‘for the time being’ is playing keys with also. Perhaps one of the most inspiring things I’ve witnessed a musician say was said by Daisy in 98 Wounds last year, regarding her decision (at a very young age, I should add) to leave what was considered a secure pop career in ‘Daisy Dares You’, because “It wasn’t what I wanted to do”.

The Boxettes

3. The Boxettes
Featuring the undefeated female world beat boxing champion, Bellatrix, The Boxettes are five ladies making music using only their voices. And they are SERIOUSLY good at it!
Pearl Harts
4. The Pearl Harts
The Pearl Harts are Kirsty and drummer Sara and they are loud… Frustrating as it is, people can still be heard to say things like, “Not bad! For a girl…” at gigs. These idiots are silenced at Pearl Hart shows – they know better.
5. Peluche
Peluche are 3/5 of what was London band, ‘Keebo’. Their harmonies are beautiful and all three swap instruments throughout the set – I would love to photograph Peluche jamming together!
Ye Nuns
6. Ye Nuns
Ye Nuns are an all female six piece MONKS tribute band and they are fucking incredible. You need to see this, do it now…
Della Lupa
7. Della Lupa
Steph is the mastermind behind Della Lupa, and since discovering them perhaps only a year ago, I have seen her do a variety of work, both visual and musical, with many different artists. Touring twice last year, I fondly remember some of the best onstage banter I’ve heard. Steph politely enthusing, “Thank-you so much for coming! We hope you enjoy our songs and if not…Uh.. Fuck you!” (For reference, the crowd took it well!)


Photography and words by Keira Cullinane
This is the first part of the 98 Wounds photo series.

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