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Who the fuck is Judi Thomas?
This uncompromising tagline (and title of her adult colouring in book series) sums up much of what motivates and enlivens the work of this eccentric South African born, Brighton artist. Never one to settle, the constant reinvention of herself as both artist and artwork, and the attendant thrill of discovery, keeps her work fresh and unexpected.

She sold her first illustration at 15, and at 17, moved to Durban’s only mixed-race neighbourhood to become a full-time artist. Since then she has worked with a co-operative of hippy t-shirt painters and silk-screen hackers; decorated nightclubs; designed lingerie, textiles and fetish-wear. She has written and illustrated several children’s books and a novel. In 2007 she was short-listed for the ‘MacMillan Illustrator for Africa’ prize.

She exhibits at Goldstone Gallery in Hove, where she is an artist in residence, and at Art Schism Collective in Brighton.


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