I’m a woman

But I don’t want to marry the men I fuck.

And I haven’t been dreaming of the puffy white dress since I was a child

I don’t feel like raising children and making pancakes

In fact, I’m phobic to pregnancy

to cooking fancy meals and baking sweets to please.

It is not in my nature to be a mother, nor a maid

And I dread to think of being a wife – especially an obedient one.

I am a woman

I don’t like to knit

I enjoy mathematics and reading

I believe in science and logics

And I don’t usually make up my mind based upon my feelings.

I’m a woman and obsessed with politics

Sometimes I

touch myself while following the news of wars and famine

of failures and victories

of deaths and calamities

I’m a woman and can be as perverted as I please.

I’m a woman

I antagonise any system pushing me to antagonise other women

It only angers me

when they try to brainwash me into hallucinating that other women are my enemies.

I’m a woman and I won’t let this word define my identity

And dictates to me what to do, how to behave, what to feel and where to sleep

I do what I please

I won’t let the system manipulate me

I won’t let the society shame me

For being fat or skinny, old or youngish, loud or pensive.

I am not a masochist.

Women are not masochists.

Men are not sadists.

Oh sorry, did I just generalise?

But I’m sick of being generalised.

I think every one is.

Isn’t it degrading indeed?

To be reduced to a ‘gender’? To a body organ?

I’m not a woman, according to its definition.

It is not the goal of my life to be a wife

to be loved by one man for the rest of my life.

My mind is flying and so is my body.

Abortion is not murder

Arranged marriage is

Reducing a woman to a doll is

Paying women less than men is

Rape is murder.

I am a woman and I am the only master of myself

I wear short skirts or long trousers depending on the weather

And I won’t allow anyone to judge me based upon what I wear.

My vagina is not more sensitive than a penis

Neither more loving, or caring, or frivolous

Vaginas and penises don’t think

Minds do.

Labels can’t think,

People can

People with all sorts of genitals

They can all think

or learn

Be vicious or good

I won’t let my so-called gender tell me what to do.

I’m a woman

And I like football,

Fast cars

and hard rock;

I also like fucking hard rockers

only because they look hot.

Let’s accept the fact that I’m a woman

neither an angel nor the devil

I can fuck










And live the way I want.

By Gol Noush

Gol Noush was born in 1988 in Tehran. She received her BA in English Literature in Iran,
and is currently doing her Masters in Creative Writing at Birkbeck while working on her
novel which revolves around sexual taboos, female sexuality, beauty, mental issues and
art itself. She’s planning to finish her novel within a year and hopefully find a publisher
in the UK, but like so many other aspiring writers, she’s slightly affected by the disease of
procrastination and perfectionism. She finds writing in English (her second language) both
challenging and inspiring. You can find some of her poems and musings in her personal blog:


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