Everyone Should be a Feminist

Being a feminist is not an exclusive thing,
not to those who wear bras, make-up and bling,
‘why?’ you ask- this seems a little weird,
because everyone,you and I, have hidden behind a ‘beard’,
we have all been expected of at least one thing to produce,
a pressure that has surely led to happiness reduced.
Women must be emotional, mothers or total babes,
men must be macho, strong and the braves,
we’re expected to grow up a certain way,
even if we are categorised hetero, bi or gay,
you have to do things- the so called norm,
and this is assigned to your label or biological form.
Everyone should be a feminist because we believe,
that everyone should be what they want regardless of colour, sexual preference or creed,
you can be a Sloane, a hippy, goth or chav,
from all walks of life, black, white, yellow or Slav,
we all have the same insides, its hopes and dreams that count,
it’s societies pressures, the moulds that fill us with doubt.
So why not be a feminist, say ‘fuck you!’ to the trap,
and embrace everybodism, dont put up with the crap,
look out for one another, and accept all as you can,
it is in this way feminism can save man.

By Giulia Aliverti


One Comment Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    There’s one group that feminism will never allow to be part of the “everyone” in “everyone should be what they want” – and that is men who are or want to be masculine.

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