She said she never went to the loo for a number two

she didn’t say ‘I’d rather not talk about it’

or ‘I quite dislike toilet humour’

She simply claimed altogether that she did not shit

That she never had

And never did

And never would

Me and my bestfriend out of need

For being the last

chosen in the volleyball team

Or not at all

(We’d say we had our period

we were only twelve

But our male teacher hushed,

opened up the sports section

and daydreamed

of when he played in the National Team)

We said it was impossible

It was.

Wondered if we’d ever glisten

like a real lady

Or sweat like a proper girl.

Livia Franchini  By Livia Franchini



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ag-nes says:

    Ma è bellissima!

  2. dustymouths says:

    so which is it liv?
    do you glisten or do you sweat?


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